Having trouble getting into private lessons? Too busy during the week to find time for a lesson? Private lessons too costly? Or need additional instruction at tournaments and/or between your lessons? Virtual Lessons are your answer.

Now get instruction anytime, and anywhere for only $14.99.
Get feedback within 48 hrs!**

Video is one of the best ways to teach and learn. With Virtual Lessons we give you the visual of what you do correctly as well as areas of improvement. When a player sees and feels what their body is doing, corrections are easier to make. This provides the athlete with more discipline to make adjustments on their own without relying on a coach or Mom or Dad. Virtual Lessons also build confidence in athletes to help fix physical and mental mistakes.

Record a video of your swing, pitch, fielding or catching with any recording device, like the camera on your phone. Upload you video via website or email your videos to us and we’ll analyze your swing, pitch, fielding, or catching. Along with your custom voice over video analysis, your instructor will provide you with an additional video of a drill or technique that with benefit your skill.

Use any digital recording device to capture video of your swing, pitch, fielding or catching including the camera on your smartphone. Record and submit face-on and down-the-line videos for the most effective lesson.

TIPS: Additional Tips:
Make sure the entire player, bat, and glove can be seen throughout the video and record several swings from each camera angle in an effort to get quality video. Remember, the better the quality of the video, the more our teaching professionals can see.
And make sure you get in the habit of filming often.

Camera Angles


    the camera should be aligned to face fielder

  • hitting

    The camera should be aligned perpendicular to the hitter’s target line, aimed directly at their waist. Have hitter make contact with a ball on a tee, soft toss, or front toss etc. You may use socks in indoors.

  • pitching

    Camera angle 1. the camera should be aligned perpendicular to the pitchers mound. Righty should be filmed from 3rd base side, Lefty should be filmed from the first base side. Camera Angle 2. the camera should be behind pitcher (2nd base) just slightly over throwing shoulder or in front of pitcher (catcher). Camera need to be on the line.