College Recruiting Timeline

Freshman Year : “ Research Year”
1. Prepare the List with at least 20-30 school
Define States, School Size, School Demographics
Select School w/ Desired Academic Programs
Select School that fit your academic level.
2. Have Softball Skills Evaluated by Professional to determine what Division I,II, III would fit your needs both academically and match with you skills.
3. Do Campus Visits to 5 Colleges in your area
This will provide feedback about the student/athletes desires & assist in narrowing down the list of schools
4. Research on line athletic and academic information about the schools on your list. www.collegeboard.com
5. Attend Local College Showcase for Exposure/ Practice
6. Review NCAA Core Course requirements to ensure that
Freshman classes are in accordance with NCAA.
7. Prepare Academic/Athletic Resume
8. Go watch a division I, II, and II softball program play. If
possible select schools on your list.

Sophomore Year: Marketing Campaign Begins
1. Redefine the list after further research, school visits, and
watching college softball games, after your first year
academic results.
2. Update your Resume for academic & athletic activities.
3. Write your initial contact letter to college coaches in the
beginning of the school year.
4. Contact coaches on your list to find out what summer
tournaments and college showcases that they are
5. Continue to stay in contact with College coaches with info about high school schedules, summer schedules, and info about attending their games or on campus visit. We want the coaches to know that you are serious about playing at college level. Coaches receive 100’s of emails, letters, and videos.
6. Play on a competitive summer softball program that
provides you out of state exposure & exposure to the college coaches that you want to be seen by.
7. Review NCAA Core Course requirements to ensure that sophomore year classes are in accordance with NCAA.
8. Attend College Recruiting Showcases and summer camps of the colleges that are on your list.
9. At the end of the summer softball season complete your
softball skills tape. Send skills tape updated resume to
schools on your list.

Junior Year
1. Update your Resume for academic & athletic activities
2. Keep in contact with coaches about your schedule,
college showcases, and feedback on skill tape.
3. Get your Name know among the college’s that you
desire to attend: Refine your list after response from
coaches about your skills tape and your research.
4. Redefine your school list after you receive feedback from college coaches and their needs. If needed, send out resume & tape to more schools.
5.Take your PSATS and SAT’s in Fall and Spring
6.Review NCAA Core Course requirements to ensure that sophomore year classes are in accordance with NCAA.
7.Play on a team that is appropriate for the desired level of college softball that you desire to play.
Attend College Showcases and summer softball camps
of college that are on your list for exposure.
8. Register with NCAA Clearing House
9. College coaches may not contact you until July 1
Follow up with Coaches about their needs for the upcoming recruiting class and where you rank in with their school.

Senior Year: The Final Phase
1. If needed, take SAT in the Fall
2. At this time, if the marketing process has been done properly & you have been honest about your softball skills we should be in process of narrowing down your top 5 schools.
3. Take 5 Official Visits
4. Don’t Rush your Decision: Enjoy the Ride
5. Apply to your top 5 schools
6. Get Financial Forms (FAF) Filed ASAP.
7. Remember, select a school on the basis, that if, I could
never play softball, I would still be very happy
academically and socially at this school.

Recruiting Myths
1. All schools are fully funded?
Very Few schools, except for the large Division I.
2. All Players will receive an athletic scholarship?
Only Division I and some Division II schools can provide athletic scholarships.
3. Softball can help my daughter get into a school that she may not normally get into on her own?
True. Softball could give you daughter an edge over another student at a tough academic school. Your daughter would offer the school more that just the academic side.
4. Your freshman year is too early to start?

5. The school will come to us?
No. You must make the schools aware of your daughter. Softball is not a money generating sport. They do not have the same recruiting budget as a football and basketball programs.
6. My daughter only wants to look at one school?
Don’t put your future into one choice. Select a variety of schools that you your daughter can academically qualify for and athletically play at as well as can be afforded by the family financially.