Strictly Softball believes that teamwork is the key to success not only in the game of softball, but in life. It is beyond important to help children and young adults to learn to communicate, listen, lead, follow, and trust one another.

Our Team Building and Skills Retreat program is designed to do just that. We offer this service not only to softball teams, but to teams of all sports, Boy and Girl Scouts, and to anyone who is looking for a new way to build team chemistry among a group of people. Our Team Building and Skills Retreat program is housed at our South Location. On our 20 acres of land, the group will have the opportunity to get away from the city and explore the country.

Our Team instruction has been used to help teams improve team chemistry, improve skills, and even to celebrate the start or the close to a season. We have had team parties as well as team BBQ’s out on the 20 acres of land.

Below is a list of our 3 options. We offer a Skills Retreat, Team Building, or our Grand Slam option that will allow your team to experience it all!

Take time for Softball instruction and then take the

What is the Team Building Challenge??

Complete the list of tasks as fast as you can as a team on our 20 acres of land. Take pictures, take video and work with teammates to figure out the fastest way to complete the tasks put in front of you. Start with task #1 and work your way to the end. Compete against other Teams that have accepted the Challenge. The fastest team in 2013 will receive a prize and their name and Picture on the board at STRICTLY SOFTBALL SOUTH.