Sports Performance

What is Speed & Agility?

The majority of team sports demand fast paced movement in all directions. To do this well, the body has to be trained. Speed & Agility training improves an athlete’s ability to change direction, brake suddenly, accelerate quickly, and perform sport specific movements with ease. Training for these types of movements consists of proper movement patters, body control, body awareness, and efficiency. When kids are taught proper movement patterns through proper warm –up and cool down along with speed & agility drills and games, the neuromuscular system improves the firing patterns of fast twitch muscle fibers. Fast twitch fibers control speed, power, and agility movements that last for short bouts of time. As the body improves the neuromuscular firing patterns the body gains more control, speed, agility, and even strength.

What is Core Strength?

Core Training is more than just the ab muscles. Core strength training targets all muscles from shoulders to knees, front to back. All of these muscles stabilize the spine and the pelvis. The core is used for literally every movement that the body makes. Core training will improve movement efficiency, body control and balance, power, and even reduce injury.

What sport specific benefits will be seen by this training?

Getting involved in Strictly Softball’s Speed, Agility, & Core Training will make significant gains on body control and balance for pitchers and hitters. Athletes will see gains in core and leg strength that will make them more powerful off of the mound, as well as jumping off of the bag. Exercises and drills will be related to game like situations and movements so that the kids can see the benefits of what they are doing.

What Age should my Child Start this type of training?

Speed, Agility, & Core training can start as early as age 8. As long as the child has interest in being involved in the program and has the ability to listen and follow directions, benefits will be seen.

Who is Strictly Softball’s Speed, Agility, & Core Instructor?

Abby Coursen runs all of the Speed, Agility, & Core Instruction at Strictly Softball. Abby played and graduated from Emporia State University. While at Emporia State, Abby stole 52 bases her senior year, 2 away from the season record. After her time at ESU she spent a semester at KU working under Andrea Hudy (Head Strength Coach. At KU, Abby worked with Men and Women’s Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Track & Field, and Rowing. After her time at KU, Abby received her NSCA Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification. She went on to Wichita State University and served as the Graduate Assistant for Shocker Softball while earning her Graduate Degree in Exercises Science.