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Recruiting Skills Video – Skills Videos (Examples Below)

The videos that are outlined below were formulated by the founders of Strictly Softball Mila Ellsworth with the feedback of active Division I, II & III college coaches. That being said, our unique relationship to the current recruiting market gives us unparalleled insight into the exact demands and needs that a College Recruiting Video should meet.

Our goal is to create a skills taping day will be similar to any live showcase. To simulate the live situation, tape a limited number of repetitions allowing you to showcase your skills. From that set of limited repetitions, the best clips will be included in your skills video. Our process was designed to give a coach as accurate a representation of each player as possible. Finally, it is important to realize that the skills video is only the FIRST step in getting a player recruited.

Should only a high school junior get a fastpitch softball skills video done? Absolutely not!

College coaches are looking at recruits earlier and earlier. You have heard of the recent increase in verbal commitments by players as young as the 10th grade. Coaches want to see video of the up and coming softball players as much if not more that the current junior class. Recruiting process should begin in freshman year in high school

There are thousands of girls playing softball who want to be seen by college coaches – what is going to make them see you?

Video (approx. 3 to 5 min in length)
2 Position only
being taped
Players Receive Infielders – receive grounds ball with throws (2 camera angles)
Middle infielders – will receive ground balls at SS with throw to 1B and double plays at second base
1st Baseman– ground balls with throws to 3B , receiving throws at 1B 3rd Baseman – ground balls with throws to 1B and bunts with throws
Outfielders – throws to home plate and second base ( 2 camera angles)
Catchers – throw downs to 2nd ( 2 camera angles), fielding bunts, blocking and framing
Pitchers – get all pitches ( 2 camera angles)
Batting (2 camera angles)
Base running – Home to first
Includes graphics and slow motion effects.
Cost of Skill Video $250
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Skills video

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