Player Of the Month

Alyssa Eilers

Alyssa Eilers plays for the 10U Hot Stix. Alyssa has recently started lessons. She came in with the desire and willingness to learn. She wasn’t able to accomplish all adjustments right away but she had the determination to achieve them. Every week she returned to lessons her hard work was evident. Not only had she accomplished last lessons homework she was ready for more.

Aylssa is a special type of athlete. Some girls struggle with the constructive criticism. They take it personal, which hinders them to grasp concept to excel. Alyssa thrives on constructive criticism. She understand it makes her a better pitcher/player. Even though new concepts don’t come really easy, she is willing to practice and put forth effort to learn them.

Alyssa this drive will allow you to continue to excel throughout your career. Please continue to take constructive criticism and apply it to your daily practices. Keep up the hard work and I look forward to seeing your accomplishments throughout the years.