Fitness Challenge

Each week there will be a new “Challenge of the Week” posted on our social media.

STEP 1: To complete this challenge: take a video of you performing the exercise using the “TIME LAPSE” setting and post it on your social media using #SSFallFitnessChallenge.

STEP 2:  Send it to to secure entry.

Challenges will be posted on our Facebook/IG on Mondays. All videos must be sent in **before noon the following Sunday.**

Upon completion of the challenge, your video will be shared on the Strictly Softball Facebook page and your name will be posted in the facility.

Additionally, you could be featured as a ‘Top Performer’ for the week by doing MORE than the reps/time required to complete the challenge.

Prizes will be rewarded at the end of the Fall Challenge, however you must complete each week’s challenge to earn that prize!