Frequently Asked Question For Edrills

Where do I view my edrills?

Free e-drills will be viewed on the e-drills page kcstrictlysoftball.com, purchased drills will be viewed on ‘My Account”. Login to your account and view e-drills and virtual lessons under your account.

Frequently Asked Question for virtual lessons

How will my custom analyzed Virtual lesson be delivered?

Your custom analyzed virtual lesson will be uploaded to a private link on youtube, (you have to have the link to view) The link will be sent to you via email. Please check junk mail and put noreply@youtube.com as a contact. You can ask questions or post comments in the comment section under the video. Your video will then be added to your account on kcstrictlysoftball.com for you to view at anytime.

What info do I provide with my video?

After purchase of Virtual Lesson you will fill out a form including; player name, email, level of play, birthdate, concerns, what you would like to accomplish from video, and delivery method, if you select email, then you will be asked to provide email that video will be sent from.

How long does it take to receive my lesson?

If you send a .mp4 or .mov then your will receive your lessons 48hr from when you send video. All other formats take 72hrs.

What is a Virtual Lesson?

A Virtual Lessons is a lesson via video. Video your swing, pitch, fielding etc, one of our instructors will analyze your video. We will send your custom voice over analyzed lesson. In addition you will receive an analyzed edrill to work on to improve your skill.

How often can I take a Virtual Lesson?

You may take a lesson as often as you like. We do recommend that you practice in between the lessons but don’t spread them out too far where you are just picking up bad habits in between lessons. Weekly lessons are recommended.

How can I send my video?

You have an option of sending your video via email or upload through our website. After your purchase you will be directed to fill out video upload form, select delivery method email/file upload. If you select ’email’ you will be given an email address to send video. If you select ‘file upload’ you will be able to upload file directly to website. ¬†Ipad and mobile devices are not capable of browser upload, choose email. Max file size is 20 MB.

Size of video?

The video is limited to one minute due to size of file, 20MB. Videos should only consist of 1-3 pitches, swings, throws, or ground balls, depending on what your are wanting analyzed.

What do I use to take my video?

You can use your mobile device, IPad, or video camera.

Can I choose my instructor?

Yes. After you have purchased virtual lesson you will fill out video upload form. This is where you select instructor.

Frequently Asked Question general

What is the cancellation policy?

Strictly Softball requires a 48hr notice on all private lesson cancellations. If there are less than 48 hours before your appointment and a cancellation is necessary, it is permissible to find a substitute to fill the vacancy. Otherwise, failing to comply with cancellation policy, full charges will be incurred for missed sessions. No other make-up sessions will occur.