10 things not to do

Do poorly in school
There is little doubt that doing poorly in school will scare many schools away. Not putting much time into your school work and struggling early on usually creates a hole that is very hard to get out of.

Talking back to officials/refs/umpires
College coaches want to find athletes who just play and not have an ongoing sideshow with an athlete. The more you focus on succeeding in the game, the better of you will be.

Get in trouble off of the field/court/diamond
With the amount of publicity that athletes get for off the field problems, the last thing you want to do in high school is get in trouble. When there is less supervision, watch out because more trouble can be had.

Treat your teammates bad
Why would a college coach want to recruit an 18-year who thinks that they are better than their teammates? I can promise you that coaches will watch your demeanor in all phases of the game if they are considering you.

Disrespect your parents
I read an article a while back about a coach who had an in home visit with an athlete and he moved on as soon as he heard the athlete talk to his parents. Treating your parents poorly is a huge sign of disrespect towards those around you.

Skip workouts/practice/team meetings
College coaches do not want to have to deal with players who are headaches off the court. Skipping this type of thing means you don’t care all that much.

Have bad sportsmanship
If you are someone who feels that it is necessary to taunt your opponent every time you can, that is just bad sportsmanship. You are not going to help your case.

Lying about recruiting attention
Aka the Kevin Hart factor, athletes want to make themselves feel important to Rivals, Scout, and other recruiting sites. But don’t lie about who has been recruiting you and don’t assume schools will offer you.

Have a poor relationship with your coaches
When college coaches call about an athlete, they won’t initially be talking to you or your parent. They will call your coach. And if you have treated your coach badly and that has resulted in a poor relationship, good luck getting recruited.

Dismiss any recruiting attention because of the level
This one just kills me when it happens. You may have Division I eyes but don’t ever think you are better than a school. With how hard the recruiting process is to figure out, you just never know what can happen in your life.