College Recruiting

To be successful at any sport you need a game plan.

What is your “game plan” for helping college coaches find your daughter?
The reality is – most softball players need help getting seen by college coaches. It is the very, very rare and extremely talented player who gets contacted by college coaches without any work on her part. For most players, they need a marketing plan for the college recruiting process and it should include certain elements in order maximize your their ability to be seen by college coaches.

Step #1: The Skills Video
The Player’s Skills Video is a crucial element in the marketing plan as it provides a college coaches a video resume of the player’s ability. Remember, college coaches use this as their starting point to evaluate a player’s athletic ability and this will determine if the coach will take the next step to see a player live in an individual skills showcase or a tournament game. Check our calendar of upcoming events to see where you can get your video made (*insert link *)

Step #2: A Good Email Campaign
You need to get your name out to the college coaches early and often. Think of it like advertising a business. It should start with an introductory email before the summer travel season and then you should follow it up with emails to your top schools before each big showcase type tournament. See our Sample email page for more information. (*put link in to sample email page*). By having your video on your profile page – each time the coach sees an email from you they have the opportunity to click on your video and see your skills with little effort on their part. They don’t have to hunt down a DVD that you sent weeks ago.

Step #3: Individual Skills Showcases / Camps
Unlike a game, where a College Coaches may never see a player make a fielding play, at a showcase you are guaranteed action. College coaches see a skills showcase as a concentrated game environment complete with pressure and unedited.

Step #4: Live Games
In an ideal world, live games are what college coaches want to see. Due to lack of time and financial resource college coaches are unable to make all the games that they desire. By using the skills video and live skills showcase, you show a coach why they should come to your game. Hopefully, your travel team has prepared a schedule that puts you in front of college coaches by choosing tournaments where many coaches attend. Another option is to have FPOS come and video tape your games at one of our affiliated tournaments and create a DVD of your game highlights.
Having a good plan and executing it will increase your daughter’s visibility to college coaches. Be realistic about your choice of school and don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Remember, your college must be a good fit for you and for the coach. Try to choose a school where you would be happy academically and socially if you were not playing softball there. Things happen, coaches leave, teams change but the education will be something you can use the rest of your life.